Top-Quality Custom Software Development Services

Custom Software Development Service from Innoexcel offers the full scope of services to deliver cost-effective and reliable software solutions matching your specific needs. Innoexcel develops for its partners software that provides additional value for their customers and helps deliver superior services and products. Our custom software development services help clients build and integrate sophisticated business applications and/or websites with client server and legacy systems. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures for use in a wide range of industries.

Our custom apps, built uniquely to address your specific requirements are

  • Built on a platform specifically chosen to cause minimal disruption to your existing IT framework.
  • Developed using technologies that you are familiar with to aid future maintenance with minimal dependence on us as ISVs, thus reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Suitably customized to “gel” with your existing systems and processes so your people spend less time in training / initiation.

Essential phases of the software development process include:

  • MARKET Evaluation
  • Gathering required information for finding the best possible business solution
  • Critical requirement analysis
  • Plan designing for achieving the target solution
  • Development of Implementation plan
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Testing
  • Execution of the software at desired platform
  • Maintenance and error handling

Our custom application development services include:

  • Feasibility and requirement analysis
  • Business analysis and requirement documentation
  • Application design, architecture development, and implementation
  • Software product development services for IVS
  • Systems integration and consolidation
  • Re-engineering, migration, modernization, performance tuning and porting services
  • Implementation of off the shelf system and software packages such as SharePoint

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