Legacy Systems Modernization 

Whether it is a custom-coded application with long-lost source code or a mainframe-based program with a proprietary interface, your company probably has an important legacy application running in its data center. This legacy application might perform an important or irreplaceable function. It might even be mission-critical but you need to consider how you introduce new technologies that are more efficient and effective.

Innoexcel can help you migrate and modernize your mission-critical legacy systems so you can take advantage of new technology and increase productivity. Our full range of services is available to help your organization transfer your outdated legacy systems into new technology platforms, making your mission-critical applications more robust, efficient, and cost effective. We can do this seamlessly. Your operation will not miss a step during the migration. 

Legacy modernization projects focus on the re-engineering and moving of applications from one technology platform to another. In many cases it requires re-engineering the architecture so that it is robust enough to handle the current as well as future business models. Some of the activities and methods used are: 

  • Iterative development processes for deliverables
  • Scaffolding techniques to fuse new and old technologies and architectures
  • Re-engineering of the business process
  • Architecting applications using a Service Oriented Architecture to allow for future expansion and centralization of methods and services
  • Infrastructure and system performance tuning

      Our Legacy Modernization Features and Capabilities

  • Model-Based Application Development
  • Platform-Independent Development
  • Future-Proof Applications
  • Automatic Code Generation to Multiple Platforms
  • Web services and "SOA-Ready" Applications

      Business Value Through Application Migration

  • Richness of the latest technology framework
  • Enhanced and scalable architecture
  • XML web services integration
  • Reduced maintenance and support costs
  • Lower or zero downtime
  • Easy integration with other applications
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