Enterprise Social Solutions

Enabling collaboration and communication using social tools can help businesses be more competitive by allowing people to work in a way that is familiar to them through their personal lives.

At Innoexcel, we can help organisations take advantage of social media and integrate it with new and existing communication tools that allow people to communicate with colleagues, external partners, and customers in new ways while at the same time improve internal collaboration. Increasing productivity using social tools that meet the expectations of multiple generations of workers can reduce costs and allow organisations to respond faster to new opportunities. 

    We understand

We understand the power of social networking to provide breakthrough collaboration capabilities for your organization. We also understand that social networking is one of the pieces of your organization’s approach to collaboration. Therefore, we believe that your social journey begins as we work with you to:

  • Understand your adoption of existing collaboration tools 

  • Understand how enterprise social tools impact your business strategy 

  • Envision desired business outcomes, new organizational and individual usage patterns and behaviors 

  • Build a collaboration roadmap, including people, organizational and technological change. 

  • Implement focused projects to improve collaboration, building success for larger-scale rollout.

  • Forming groups built around common goals or activities 

Innoexcel  help you with the following: 

Effective Communication: Having an effective communication strategy translates into employee productivity and a better customer experience. We bring to you effective enterprise social software that enhances communication with both employees and customers greatly.

Effective Tools: We present to you the most effective enterprise social tools, which not only increase your ability to connect with others through the intranet but also reduce your reliance on email which tends to be slower and less effective.

Customized Social Software: At Innoexcel, we have a team of software experts that develops customized solutions for you that fit right to the needs of your business.

24X7 Support: We, at Innoexcel, are always on the forefront to assist our clients, and provide 24X7 technical support to ensure smooth operation of business. 

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